2720 Hollywood


Renovation of existing structure with original permit date in 1955 (Historic District considerations in DeKalb).

Existing construction square area ~1438.4 SF within foundation plus driveway, rear stoop & steps for impervious surfaces.

Typical CMU crawl foundation; wood frame with Board & Batten siding over exterior masonry wainscot.


Final Dispostion of Objective:  Remove Existing Structure and Replace as shown in final drawings.






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Existing Structure  061307   Layout

Elevations  061307  (in .jpg format)       Front     Rear     Left     Right


.jpg Files

Renderings Trial Sketch:           Rear to Front     (Diagonal shot from West property line) display addition, short extension; 2nd story;

                                                                          Double garage, relative driveway location, deck & stair  

                                               Front to Rear      (Front right corner diagonal)  display 2nd story addition; place windows and center

                                                                          entry door, roof extensions, relative grade for small slope

                                               Front to Rear      (Front left corner diagonal) display 2nd story addition; short roof over old carport


                Review Format

                                               Main Layout         Layout of the main level above the garage, atrium and existing structure level

                                                                           (orange lines in the existing structure are partition walls to remove)

                                              Cross Section A-A     Section thru center of house....front to back

                                              Optional Attempt   Layout of the main level without common stair well; separate stair from main level;

                                                                            atrium w/ open walk & balcony

                                              Optional Attempt    Layout of upper level

                                              Optional Attempt    Layout of Main Level

                                              Optional Attempt    Layout of Upper Level


Final Sketch pending Approval (091207)

                                Main Level

                                Upper Level

                                Front Elevation

                                Rear Elevation

                                Right Elevation

                                Left Elevation

                                Cross Section A

                                Cross Section B


                    Final Sketches w/ Options  (091407)





Final Sketches Pending Approval  (0924070




                            Front 3D Elev

                            Rear 3D Elev

Final Sketches Pending Approval (100607)

                      Main Level Revisions

                           Upper Level Revisions

                           Fireplace & Bookcases Display



Final Drawings for Contractor Use (use Link Above for ReView  SPV  files) (071908)


                            Foundation SPV

                            Foundation PDF


                            Main Level SPV

                            Main Level PDF


                            Upper Level SPV   

                            Upper Level PDF



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